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The Cruise Room Denver

Step into the first Post- Prohibition Bar in Denver, The Cruise Room. A replica of the cocktail lounge on The Queen Mary, this art deco style Martini Bar is shaped like a wine bottle. There’s a classic juke box tucked at the end of the bar playing artists like Miles Davis, Johnny Cash, and Aretha Franklin.

Aside from its art deco design, the Cruise Room hosts a series of murals. They celebrate toasts from around the globe. These panels are original circa 1930 minus one, the panel portraying Adolf Hitler and the swastika Natox. This panel was removed during WWII and has since been lost.

The Cruise Room

Classic Martini

Start with a chilled martini glass. Swirl vermouth in the glass to coat the edges, pouring out any extra liquid. Gently shake gin and ice in a shaker to chill. Then pour chilled gin over strainer into the glass, ensuring no ice slips through. Garnish with 3 olives. Sip and enjoy!

2 ounces gin
.5 ounce dry vermouth
3 olives

Cruise Room Hours
Sunday – Thursday, 4:30pm to 11:45pm
Friday – Saturday, 4:30pm to 12:45am
Phone 303.825.1107