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Artist in Residence - Daniel Fox
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Artist in Residence - Daniel Fox

Book signing and bourbon!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019 November 5, 2019 The Oxford Hotel

Join us on Tuesday, November 5th from 5:00pm - 7:00pm for our Bourbon Bar and a book signing with the author, Daniel Fox. Sip on a variety of bourbons and hear more about Daniel's new book "Feel The Wild," while socializing with Daniel and others in the lobby. This event is free and open to the public.

Meet Daniel Fox:
My name is Daniel Fox. I am an A.P.E.2, literally and figuratively. Genetically, I belong to the Hominidae taxonomic family, the great apes. And beyond that, I am an artist/author (A), photographer/philosopher (P), explorer/entrepreneur (E). Three letters and a number that give me all the freedom to be what I want to be and do what I want to do. An acronym that connects me to my past while elevating my future.

I thrive on creating and finding new ways to inspire and educate. Through my work, I seek to inspire experiencing Nature as a framework, mindset, and mentor for personal transformation. I believe that Nature has the power to Nurture, Awaken, Transform, Uplift, Restore and Elevate the human spirit.