History of The Oxford Hotel in Denver

The first of historic Denver Hotels to open its doors, The Oxford Hotel has remained open since 1891. Like the city of Denver, our hotel has evolved to the needs of its guests. With a colorful history, The Oxford Hotel has a unique past worth reading about!

  • June 21, 1891 – The Oxford Hotel, constructed by architect Frank E. Edbrooke, is completed and opened
  • The hotel had its own power plant, providing steam heating, electric, and gas lighting
  • Each floor had state-of the art water closets and sanitary appliances
  • There was a men’s only dining room
  • The hotel had its own barbershop, library, pharmacy, Western Union office, stables, dining rooms, and saloon
  • The men’s bathroom contains two original urinals that are 4 feet tall
  • The women’s restroom was originally the barbershop
  • The elevators are known as “Vertical Railways”
For more information about the unique history of The Oxford, please see our Art and History Brochure.