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Work It Out Together

Current Fitness Class Offerings and Descriptions

From yoga, to spin, to barre, our Denver fitness classes will keep you motivated and fit.

Group Power

This is the perfect blend of step aerobics interspersed with strength-building intervals. The class caters to the participants and can either be simple or advanced depending on the skill levels of the students present in any class. 


These high-concentration classes aim to strengthen and stabilize core muscles of the trunk while also toning, strengthening, and lengthening the muscles of the extremities. 

Spin Yoga 

A hybrid workout combining the benefits of both spin and yoga. Enjoy 30 minutes of interval training on the spin bike to get your heart rate up to burn fat then enjoy 30 minutes of Yoga to stretch out and tone muscles you worked. This 60 minute class is a complete mind and body work out. 

Sports Fit

An intense, boot camp style workout that focuses on the coordinative, metabolic, and strength of the sport. This class will give participants all the essential aspects of physical preparation to succeed in any sport. 

Ski & Snowboard Prep

Get ready to hit the slopes strong! This dynamic class will help prepare you to be injury free this winter. The focus is on prevention by strengthening core and legs, while improving balance. 

Sunrise Yoga

Rise up and create your day with this energizing yoga class that focuses on deep breathing practices, warm ups and sun salutations. This morning class also incorporates deep stretches to restore the mind and prepare the body for the day ahead. Offered to all levels of students. 

Vinyasa/Flow Yoga

Vinyasa is a "flow" based practice in that students will "flow" from one Asana to the next. Vinyasa is literally translated from Sanskrit as meaning "connection." In our Vinyasa class we will make this mind-body connection by flowing from one pose to the next using breath. This class moves, so be ready to work!

Guided Meditation

In this 45 minute class you will follow a guided meditation. Meditation is known for helping with stress reduction, helping to control pain in addition to improving sleep. This class may include mindful movement. 

Class Schedule
*Fitness class dates and times are subject to change.